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Coastal Class Descriptions

Cardio Core A choreographed class dedicated to sculpting your core and burning calories. Cardio core is focused on all abdominal areas, using props that change weekly. 

Cardio Strength A choreographed class dedicated to strengthening your muscles and sculpting your core using props that change weekly. 

Cycle Interval designed cycle workouts that replicate an outdoor ride. Our Keiser indoor bikes are designed for all riders. Cycle in the dark, to loud music with an instructor that will motivate you and push you to your limits. 

Core45 This 45 minute intensive mat based class will incorporate moves for lengthening and strengthening those core muscles. Challenging exercises will focus on building core strength, endurance, and flexibility. 

Fit4Life A complete mind-body spirit experience involving a full-body, low-impact workout designed to increase strength and flexibility, followed by a brief instinctive meditation to start your week off on a total high.

HIIT: High intensity interval training. A combination of upper body, lower body, and core sequences designed to get your heart rate up and build strength using a combination of body weight, dumbbells, kettlebells, sleds, etc. . Modifications provided. All levels welcome. 

Platinum Small Group Training Included in our Platinum membership, are capped at 10 people to provide personalized attention in a small group setting. This class will help you build power and strength while burning calories. Learn proper lifting techniques and functional movements.

Sculpt A choreographed class dedicated to burning calories and sculpting your entire body. 

Strength and Stretch A dynamic full body strengthening class followed by dynamic and static stretching. 

TRX Designed to train and tone your entire body using resistance bands. Improve mobility, flexibility, strength, endurance, power, core strength, and heart health using your own body weight.


Heated Power Yoga A fitness-centric style of yoga that move quickly through the poses- holding for three to five breaths. Enhance stamina, flexibility, posture, and mental focus. 

Power to Yin Yoga This class begins with a Vinyasa flow connecting movement to breath. The first half of class focuses on building strength and flexibility and ends with Yin/Restorative yoga poses for relaxation and deep stretching .

Zumba It incorporates a variety of Latin-inspired dance moves and music to promote a healthy heart, a healthy dose of aerobic activity, and a fun, exciting way to build and tone muscle, improve cardio, promote flexibility, and decrease stress.